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Welcome to The Underdogue’s world!

We love all dogs no matter where they come from!

Our philosophy is that all dogs deserve to be equally loved and protected and they will always love and protect you back. To us, it doesn’t matter where the dog comes from, who their parents are and the way they look – they all need to be pampered and loved.

We sell a wide range of fashionable pieces for your little best friends including t-shirts, jumpers, coats, dresses; dog accessories, custom made beds, carriers and many more to come soon.We collaborate with some of the best European collar and harness manufacturers to bring comfort and style to the outfits of your dogs.

Our aim is to promote the option of adopting instead of taking puppies from breeders paying enormous amounts as there are so many of them left behind by their owners and all they’re hoping to find is a loving human to be by their side.

We are very and passionate about our brand not only because we would like to show you our products and we think you and your doggies will LOVE them but also because while you’re shopping we’ll be able to make our world better for all of us. Together we’ll be supporting various animal charities through fundraising, donating, and spreading the word about their activities.

We believe that every dog should be given a chance, and that every dog deserves to have a little bit of glamour in their life. So, keep up to date with our news concerning dog welfare and of course fashion by subscribing to our mailing list and following us on social media.

“Whoever said that Diamonds were a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog!”

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