Halloween costume ideas

6 Of the Cutest dog and kid Halloween costume Ideas

Here are our ideas for your dog and kid Halloween costume this year. Halloween might be a bit different because of everything that is happening in the world. Therefore, we wish you making the best out of it despite the obstacles and we hope you have fun with our Halloween costume ideas.

1. Woody & Buzz

Woody and Buzz Halloween Costume for kids and dogs

Take your child to infinity and beyond this Halloween with Woody and Buzz Lightyear from our favorite Disney toy series. The kid is dressed head to toe to impress with a purple, draped hood, adorable dials on the chest piece, a white undergarment, and attached wings to let him imagine flighting from planet to planet. Alongside the kid, the dog sits adorably with a red neck-scarf like our original cowboy friend. Beneath, the dog wears a yellow button-up shirt like a professional desert rider. Of course, we can’t forget the straw cowboy hat attached by a string to the outfit. This is one of the star dog and kid Halloween costumes.

2. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and The Beast Dog and Kid Halloween Costume

Take me back to my childhood of elegant French ballrooms, dancing chandeliers, and a library I dreamed of losing myself in with the second of these kid and dog Halloween costume ideas. The princess is wearing thick, yellow-gold material as our identifiable Belle. Beside her, the matching dog is handsomely groomed as depicted in the iconic film’s dancing moment. The Beast looks on proudly, his body covered by a royal blue blazer. Dog and kid Halloween costumes work the best when the personas of the dog and kid match their outfits, and in this picture, they both certainly look elegant and adorable.

3. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Dog and kid halloween costume

Next on the gallery of matching dog and kid Halloween costumes are the classic fairy-tale outfit of Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Don’t let yourself be blown away by how cute and stylish this outfit idea is. Red is wearing little red shoes, an adorable dress, and the dramatic red cloak. Sitting next to her and posing as Red’s grandmother with the oversized glasses, old lady hat, and purple nightgown is the dubious dog. Most importantly, they’re investigating the most recent case.

4. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson dog and kid Halloween Costume

This classic duo will stay forever young and we’ll always remember it from both our childhood and adulthood from all the constant film and TV show adaptations. Follow the enigmatic Sherlock Homes on his detective adventures in this dog and kid Halloween set. Firstly, the kid’s Halloween outfit displays the traditional version of the detective: dark trousers, smart overcoat, recognizable hat – and of course, a magnifying glass. Secondly, his loyal companion wears a similar style hat and coat, accompanied by a serious expression to depict his deductive reasoning skills. 

5. Santa and Reindog

Santa and Reindog dog and kid Halloween Costume

This is a personal favorite of mine on this list of kid and dog Halloween costume ideas, I  love with this adorable set. The kid is wearing a red and white is the embodiment of the Christmas spirit. Santa is coming to deliver presents around the world to all the good children. Beside him is his most loyal reindog, a cute fluffy companion with attached antlers. The reindog will help this mini Santa on his mission to save Christmas. Don’t forget to leave out some dog food with the milk and cookies.

6. Minions

Minions dog and kid Halloween Costume

You can’t get any cuter than this with the minion set: two little minions working together under the umbrella of their villainous boss to take over the world. The dome egg-shaped hood comes with the familiar goggles to be pulled over the eyes to show their wide-eyed curiosity and mischievous nature. The yellow and blue worker jumpsuit just makes you want to watch the dog and kid Halloween duo all day long. And maybe the rest of the year too. In conclusion, we can only say “Why is Halloween just once a year?”

We hope you liked our dog and kid Halloween costume ideas

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